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Meet the Trademark Attorneys:

John L. Wood

John L. Wood

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John spent the first part of his career as a software engineer and software engineer manager working for large companies such as IBM as well as a startup that was eventually acquired by a public company.  As an attorney, John has leveraged his business experience to advise companies of all sizes on trademark and brand management issues as well as handle other matters such as software licensing.    John regularly represents companies before the United States Trademark Office by filing trademark applications, handling office actions, and trademark renewals.

    Tracy G. Edmundson

    Tracy G. Edmundson

    More Information – Bio

    Tracy has practiced in the areas of Intellectual Property, Commercial and Corporate Law for over 25 years.  He advises clients on trademark, advertising and brand management issues and routinely represents clients in all aspects of the trademark selection, clearance and protection process; including the prosecution of state and federal trademarks.  In addition, during 20 years of in-house legal service, he worked closely with sales and marketing teams to develop branding strategies, policies and procedures to maximize the value of brand assets.  Tracy is also focused on the general representation of businesses in corporate and transactional matters and is a licensed patent attorney with an undergraduate degree in Physics and an MBA.  His multi-faceted experience allows him to assist his clients in formulating integrated Intellectual Property strategies that include considerations beyond just trademark or branding issues.